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Qingdao Baihang Woodworking machinery

Qingdao Baihang Woodworking machinery 

Baihang Machinery is a well-known woodworking machinery manufacturer in China. Its main products are electronic panel saws, edge banding machines, and six-sided drills.

Baihang Machinery was founded by old woodworkers and engineers with decades of experience. The original intention was to stand in the perspective of furniture factories. Based on the years of experience of professional customers, combined with the design and advanced technology of the engineer team, repeated practice and innovation, determined to create the most High-quality, cost-effective woodworking machinery suitable for customers. The productivity of China, the advanced technology of Germany and Italy, the precision parts of Japan and Taiwan, as well as the continuous innovation and repeated practice, these constitute the first-class product line of Baihang Machinery

   The main products of Baihang Machinery are panel furniture equipment: push table saw, electronic panel saw, edge banding machine, six-sided drilling, side hole machine, cutting machine, laminating machine, panel furniture production line and so on. Solid wood equipment: sanding machine, polishing machine, cold press, woodworking planer, jigsaw machine, etc., as long as it is the equipment you need, you can find it here.

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